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Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. $150/hour

Jim Morningstar, PhD, shows how to achieve remarkable breakthroughs using the power of Therapeutic Breathwork:
  • How breath awareness and modulation can give you mental and emotional self control,
  • How human consciousness has evolved and with it systems of therapy and breath mastery that fit each stage of this evolution,
  • How trauma is embedded in the nervous system of everyone to some degree and how faster than normal breathing can promote healing, along with 13 integrating techniques and 9 experiential exercises,
  • How we all develop body themes that graphically display our strengths and weaknesses and can be built on to our advantage,
  • How breathwork has helped countless people dramatically break through limiting patterns personally and professionally,
  • 35 life-changing personal accounts included.
Morningstar, J. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2017
Cost: $21.95

Newly Revised and Updated…
Breathing in Light and Love: Your Call to Breath and Body Mastery -

2015 eBook by Jim Morningstar, PhD (289 pages)
How to translate the simple act of breathing into a life transforming process.
  • Learn from a Pioneer and Master Practitioner
  • Read the inspiring accounts of participants
  • Discover your own breathwork
  • Fit your breathing to your body type
  • Breathwork and Your Call to Greatness
  • Becoming a breathworker
Morningstar, J. Milwaukee, WI: Transformations Incorporated, Revised eBook, 2015.
Cost: $10

An encyclopedia of contemporary breathwork theory and practice by current luminaries in the field. Breath is the foundation for all life processes. To breathe well is to live well. In this book you will explore and learn the complete breath. This is a metaphor for the complete life—an existence marked by inner balance, outer poise and gratifying accomplishment. (212 pages)
Contributing articles from:
Stan Grof, MD—originator of Holotropic Breathwork
Dennis Lewis—author of Natural Breathing
Michael Brown—author of The Presence Process
Richard Brown, MD and Patricia Gerbarg, MD—Coherent Breathing
Kylea Taylor—author of The Ethics of Caring
Leonard Orr—originator of rebirthing breathwork
Sondra Ray—author of Liberation Breathing
Jim Morningstar, PhD—author of Breathing in Light and Love
Binnie Dansby—Source Process and Breathwork
Peter Litchfield, PhD—CapnoTraining
Judee Gee—author of Intuition
Tilke Plateel Deur—author of The Art of Integrative Therapy
Jeremy Youst—The Power of Breath Institute
Carol Lampman—breathwork with infants and children
Dorisse Neale—Buteyko Breathing
Ann Harrison—Breathwork: a modern Tantric Practice
James DuCanto, MD—Medical Breathwork and Disaster Relief
Lloyd Lalande—Integrative Breathwork Therapy
Morningstar, J (Editor). Milwaukee, WI: Transformations Incorporated, 2012.
Cost: $12.95

Spiritual Psychology
Morningstar, J. Milwaukee, WI: Transformations Incorporated, Revised Third Edition, 1998.
Cost: $20

The Standard "The Way I See It" inventory provides the respondent with a Personal Profile as it reflects self rating on five major belief systems, learning styles and motivational patterns.

Cost: $30 BUY

The Business "The Way I See It" inventory provides the respondent with a Personal Profile as it portrays self rating on five major belief systems, learning styles and motivational patterns as well as how these translate into managerial styles. In addition, the subprofiles give the ranked order for each of the five belief systems in each of five life content areas and how they reflect attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.

Cost: $40 BUY